What is Ego Meaning? Ego Definition And Meaning

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What is Ego Meaning? The ego is nothing more than a three-letter word that has been bestowed on something self-aware of.

The word itself has no physical existence; rather, it only came about as a result of experience or realized its existence in some fashion. Simply put, the ego is you and is I, where I am not me.

What is Ego Meaning? Ego Definition And Meaning

What is Ego Meaning? Ego Definition And Meaning

Why Do You Think The Ego Exists?

In fact, the ego does not truly exist at all, although, it may have an appearance to the individual.

For example, a marble statue of someone would look completely different if it was made out of, say, plastic, or perhaps metal.

The thing about the ego is that it is a thing that is abstracted from the individual, and so it depends upon the individual for its existence and value.

This is why, when thinking of the ego, one must ask: what is the thing about the entity that is me?

When it comes to the question of the meaning of the ego, one has to be very clear about its meaning: it is the universal meaning.

When you ask: what is the thing about me? Then the answer one gets is the ego.

This is why, when answering the question of how the ego came into being, we must state that it is the product of an infinity of causes.

In other words, it is the sum total of everything that has ever been or will ever be.

Closer Look About Ego

Now let us take a closer look into what the ego actually is. We have already said that the ego is the first result of all possible reality.

It is the mind which thinks of, creates, and gives meaning to all the other realities that the preexisting mind creates.

The most common definition of the ego is as the “I” that exists in and through all other minds existing in and through the physical world.

The ego thus shows itself as the core mind which controls and represents the entire universe.

Protect And Concepts

The ego thus shows itself as the person who owns this body, who holds property, who makes choices, believes in and is devoted to the laws of nature, and who is protected by the concept of “I”.

The ego thus shows itself to be the most abstract idea possible and as such has little to do with a person’s actual physical body.

While it is true that people who subscribe to this abstract idea live mostly in the physical world, and that they also think, feel and act according to the abstract concepts of their mind, they are often still trapped within the prison of their own mind.

These are people who, after thinking deeply about their essence, still cannot get it right. More often than not, these are people who do not understand what the mind is for.


The ego meaning in Hindi is ahankar. The basic concepts of ego can best be understood when it is considered in its most basic form – the ego or the personal self.

This identity may be consciously realized as human, animal, or mineral. Often, however, the essence of these concepts can only be apprehended through the practice of meditation and self-analysis, in which the concepts of the ego and the personal self are examined closely.

The insight gleaned from these endeavors can help a person to see how they came to be so and understand why they have been driven to make wrong choices and do things that they otherwise would not have done.

Conflicting Ideas

While it may seem that there are some conflicting ideas about what the meaning of the ego is, it is best to remember that the concept of the ego is as real as any idea that can be thought up by a person.

Some people have been led to believe that the ego is some abstract and mysterious force, but this is far from being the case.

While one can speculate about what the ego might be doing behind the back of other people, there really is no way to tell what it is doing in the world of a person’s life.

That said, however, it is safe to say that the ego plays a vital role and that a person is always within his or her own world, even if that world is only a very small one.

To learn more about the ego, one needs to look beyond definitions of the ego itself and look closer to the ways in which a person uses the ego.

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