Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam 2023 Best Info About Chad Lassiter

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Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam 2023 Best Info About Chad Lassiter is our today’s topic. This article offers information to assist individuals in determining if Lassiter Tennis Academy is authentic or fake. Tennis is the most popular sport in the United States.

Tennis is a sport that everyone in the United States enjoys, regardless of age. Some individuals lack the necessary competence to appreciate the game. Chad Lassiter, a tennis professional, wanted to open a school where anybody could learn the game.

Tennis activities manage and owned by Chad Lassiter. He has over 21 years of professional tennis coaching and instruction expertise. Lassiter Tennis Academy, which he started, has been in operation for more than 10 years. But, is Lassiter Tennis Academy a Scam or Legit?

Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam 2023 Best Info About Chad Lassiter

Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam 2022 Best Info About Chad Lassiter

What Does Lassiter Tennis Academy Represent?

Tennis lessons are available at the Lassiter Tennis Academy in the United States to anybody who is focused. The school has directed by Chad Lassiter, a professional tennis player. Chad Lassiter is a professional tennis player with over 21 years of coaching experience.

Lassiter Tennis Academy caters to both tennis enthusiasts and players. Throughout the summer, Chad Lassiter provides individual tennis and pickleball instruction. This summer, parents bid to enroll their children in the academy. Before enrolling your children in the academy, be certain that it is reputable.

Lassiter Tennis Academy Is It A Scam?

You may check its credibility before enrolling your children at the Lassiter Tennis Academy. These are some of the most crucial things we discovered when examining the website. The domain name is more than 10 years old. On April 10, 2011, the domain was registered. It will expire on April 10, 2022.

This website has an 80% trust rating. It is an average trust score that should confirm before using it. There are no Alexa or trust rankings. You will need to do more investigation to determine if Lassiter Tennis Academy is a fraud. Following an examination, we discovered that the website had active Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. They reply to customer inquiries.

On the website, there is no review area for each product. Except for a few remarks on Facebook, we discovered no reviews. Another URL on the website goes to These findings show that legitimacy cannot reach. Do your homework before enrolling in the institution.

What Customers Have To Say

There were no customer testimonials or reviews to substantiate that the Lassiter Golf Academy Scam was authentic after the examination. We only discovered a few questions and comments on its official Facebook page. It also has a link to another website,, which redirects to

There are no individual reviews available online. As a result, we tell users to test the site and prevent any unneeded fraud. Readers should also be aware of Protecting Yourself Against Scam.


Chad Lassiter of Lassiter Tennis Academy claims to provide the greatest instruction, with teachers that are expert and accomplished tennis pros. There are no reviews, testimonials, or comments on the Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam. You should investigate the academy’s website before enrolling your children.

Are you a previous academy student? Be the first to provide your thoughts on the academy’s performance in the comments section.

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